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Starting a New Job? 10 Career Tips for Freshers to Succeed

Starting a new job, that too your first real job, just out of college can come as a bit of surprise as it brings a complete shift from the academic life. Freshers are required to make a lot of lifestyle changes to get accustomed to the work-life grind. To be at the top of your game, you need to settle in the new routine like a pro after all; landing a fresher job is not enough, succeeding in it equally important. To help you set the stage for yourself just days into starting a new job, here are the top 10 career tips that will help succeed at your first job: Top 10 Career Tips for Freshers Starting a New Job
1. Learn the Key Skills They Didn´t Teach You in the College You must have thrived in your college; however, it doesn´t guarantee that you will survive let alone thrive in your new job as well. The very first career tip for freshers is to learn key skills, majorly soft skills, crucial for surviving the professional world. Some of the key skills that you absolutely must have are:
  • Working in a Team: Being a team player is one of the most important skills employers want in freshers. Those starting a new job must be comfortable working with different personalities and taking responsibilities.
  • Working under Pressure: Managing the pressure during exams is different from managing work pressure. You need to learn the art of staying calm and not getting overwhelmed during crisis situations.
  • Effective Communication: Having strong communication skills means being good at both, verbal and written communication at the same time having impeccable listening skills.
  • Time Management: Managing time is very important in professional life and you cannot afford to make mistakes while juggling multiple work assignments and projects.
  • Ability to Adapt: Flexibility is another key skill employers look for in freshers as not everybody has such skills.

  • 2. Pay Attention to Your Wardrobe Your college wardrobe needs to get upgraded to better suit the work life you are about to enter. Before upgrading your wardrobe it is important to understand the dress code followed by the employer. While most corporate companies prefer formals, there are many industries that allow employees to choose anything from smart casuals to downright casuals.

    3. Create a Lasting Impression on the First Day Itself First impressions are crucial and this has been proven true throughout your job search journey. From writing a winning cover letter to drafting a great CV or conducting yourself perfectly during the job interview, every step helped you in setting a great first impression. Taking some simple and small measures such as reaching the office on time, socializing with the team members, smiling, asking questions, etc., can help you set a great impression on the first day itself.

    4. Take Care of Yourself Starting a new job can be exhausting both, physically and mentally. To avoid getting burnt out during the first year of your first job, it is important to take care of your health and engage yourself in some or the other hobbies/activities after office hours or during the weekends. While working in the office, ensure to take breaks regularly and go for short walks. This is not only good for your health; it will also improve your productivity and help you stay motivated at work.

    5. Make Friends, but Associate Yourself with Positive People Friends have a huge impact on our lives, whether good or bad. We have seen it through the years since childhood till the time we graduate. The same is true in the case of an office setting as well. While it is very important to make friends in your first job, equally important is to make good friends and associating yourself with positive people. Take your time to understand different personalities in the office and choose your friends wisely. Be friendly with everybody, but avoid being a part of any kind of office gossip and stay away from people who are lazy or always complaining.

    6. Understand What is Expected of You Freshers starting a new job must build a strong professional relationship with their boss. It will give a better understanding of what is expected of them. While doing your job well is crucial, equally important is:
  • To get to know your boss well
  • To assist him/her in achieving professional goals
  • To take initiative to complete crucial projects
  • To be a problem-solver

  • 7. Be Open to Learning Being a fresher who is just starting a new job, your best bet is to be open to learning as you lack any real experience working as a full-time employee. Learning ensures that you grow as a professional and if you want to accelerate your career progression, keep adding new and upgrading old skills by taking new courses. Attend seminars and workshops related to your field of work and volunteer for taking up new responsibilities in the office.

    8. Come up with Innovative Plans/ Solutions There may come a situation when you and your team hit a dead-end while working on a project. Utilize this opportunity to think out of the box and come up with innovative solutions. Remember, you are just starting a new job so just suggest some solutions to your boss and utilize his/her judgment and experience to decide whether to go ahead or not. The important thing is to sincerely think of a way out. You can even hold brainstorming sessions with the entire team to collectively think-through the problem. This will show your genuine dedication towards solving a real problem and help you stand out at work.

    9. Take Feedbacks Sportingly One of the most important responsibilities of a manager is to provide timely feedback to their team members. So, be prepared to receive a lot of it in your first job as you lack any prior work experience. It is likely that the constant feedback is coming from a good place, essentially to help you become better at your work. Listen to your boos with an open mind and make a genuine effort to apply all the advice shared with you. It will reflect in a positive manner in your work and also set a good impression in front of your boss.

    10. Build Strong Professional Relationships Building strong professional relationships should not be restricted to only your boss. Equally important is to build a good and healthy rapport with the people you work with. Moreover, expand your network by connecting with people outside the office. Networking is very important to build a successful career as it is one of the sure shot ways for finding out about great opportunities.

    Apply the career tips shared above in a professional setting to understand their practicality during your college internships. Starting a new job will come naturally once you have a fair idea of how things actually are and work in an office.

    Hope this helps and all the best!