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Department of Computer Science & Engineering came to existence in the year 2001 .The department with its cohesive team of faculty members offers programmes of B.Tech with an intake of 120 and M.Tech in two shifts with an intake of 54. CSE department constantly strives to keep abreast with the industry and create competent professionals according to the IT and research organization's demands.

The department has chapters under professional bodies like IEEE, CSI, ISTE and "CODE" the student association, to organize workshops, seminars, conferences and guest lectures by eminent scholars from distinct fields.

♠ The students prepared for post graduate programmes to compute with the industial profession by providing technical and quality education.
♠ Students are trained in engineering and basic science fundamentals to solve the problems and ensure core competence.
♠ Students are trained in computer science and engineering heights to design the innovative products and solutions in real life problems.
♠ It develops communication skills, teamwork skills, multi-disciplinary approach and professionalism with social awareness.
♠ To inculcate in students with world class academic environment ,ethical codes, guidelines and leadership qualities.

♠ The student graduated demonstrates the computer softwares,science and engineering knowledge
♠ Graduates will have the ability of practical experiments, design, analyze and interpret.
♠ Graduated students uses the modern tools, equipments and softwares to analyze the problems.
♠ The students will be strengthened to solve engineering problems and formulate related to computer science and engineering
♠ The Graduated students communicate effectively in both verbal and written form in technical aspects.
♠ Graduates are able to participate and get succeeded in competative exams like GRE,GMAT and develops confidence in lifelong learning.

Department Faculty

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