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Department Introduction
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The department of Mechanical Engineering was established in the year 2011 offering B.Tech(ME) course with an intake of 60. The department also Diploma in Mechanical engineering in the second shift with an intake of 60 with an objective to nurture economically backward students belonging to rural areas in and around siddipet.

What we have

The department well equipped with state of the art laboratories for production technology, heat transfer, strength of materials and thermal engineering. The Department also has a central engineering workshop, a CAD and CAM center with advanced hardware and software for design activities along with a computerized IC engine laboratory.

1 A fundamental understanding of the basic and engineering sciences and develop mathematical and analytical skills required for Mechanical Engineering.
2 Expertise in designing and analyzing various mechanical engineering systems.
3 Ability to provide engineering designs that are based on sound principles considering functionality, aesthetics, safety, cost effectiveness and sustainability.
4 A broad view of the context in which their designs will be implemented and the corresponding impact of these designs on society.
5 Capability to function ethically in professional mechanical engineering roles and exhibit good competency in their work culture.
6 Impetus to take up lifelong learning by being active members of professional bodies like IEI, ASME etc. obtain professional licensure and to undertake higher studies and research activities that will ultimately benefit mankind.

1. Analyse, identify and solve engineering problems, through application of knowledge in mathematics, science and engineering to function as good mechanical engineers and lead the people associated with.

2 Identify, formulate and solve engineering problems related to various materials and their properties using skills, techniques and state of art engineering tools.
3 Have good awareness of the trends in design, manufacturing, production and marketing.
4 Apply the mechanical engineering principles to design sound components which can be assembled into systems.
5 Select suitable materials with required properties for the designed components and system.
6 Understand and analyze the thermal and mechanical behavior of the materials and systems.
7 Identify and apply the most suitable process to manufacture the components.
8 Interpret and use the experimental and field data to make oral / written presentations as required.
9 Understand the ethical requirements of the profession, the need for lifelong learning and the impacts of mechanical engineering activities on society.
10 Manage the job floor of an industry or a research organization efficiently and effectively by the optimized utilization of the resources for the maximum output.

Department Faculty

Faculty of MECH